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About the Author

Dr. Ari Bernstein

Ari Bernstein, M.D. grew up on Long Island, New York and went to Syosset High School. His interests in medicine and science led him as a young child to programs at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and science summer camp. He eventually went on to study pre-med and psychology at Long Island University CW Post.

During college, he spent a summer back at Cold Spring Harbor labs learning and assisting with the Human Genome Project. He furthered his research interest when he spent time assisting a post-doctoral fellow at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons during his college years.

Dr. Bernstein went on to graduate magna cum laude, and had a 3.9 GPA within his psychology major. Ari completed his medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine, his Internal Medicine residency at New York Presbyterian-Queens, and is Board-certified in Internal Medicine.

His strong interest in entrepreneurship and the improvement of the current healthcare system led him to invest and join the medical advisory board of Fruitstreet Health, a telemedicine diabetes prevention program startup.

About the Book

The Success Formula

Everyone is searching for a formula for success, but there is no one, single formula for everyone as our needs, wants and wishes vary from individual to individual. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that those who have achieved success have many qualities in common. The attributes of vision, risk-taking, passion, planning, focus and perseverance are typically utilized in various proportions to accomplish success.

On the journey to success, the first-timer must identify a goal, as the goal determines your actions. Then there is your measurement of success. One commonly-used gauge of success is financial progress. Other yardsticks include public acclaim, spiritual progress, personal health, knowledge, improved self-esteem and confidence … and the list goes on. What is yours?

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by Dr. Ari Bernstein

The huge house on the water, the fancy sports cars, the trips to exotic locations, people see the outcome of all the struggle, but they don’t see the blood, sweat, and endless tears…the long days and nights…the years of struggling over money…the pain and suffering…the fights with the spouse or partner and near divorces.

Success isn’t overnight, although to many, it appears that is how it was achieved. I have to admit, I always knew deep down inside I would be successful and do whatever it took to make it, although, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I don’t think many do when they set out on the path to their dreams, although the ones who are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals seem to break any barrier in their path, and nothing is ever able to stop them from finding success.


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